“I see colour and pattern everywhere, even in the small details. How fascinating aren’t a tiny bug or a flower? How amazing isn’t it to be able to work with your dream and to channel all your creativity into a pattern. When I start the creative process I do not focus on the end result. The journey from beginning to end and all the feeling in between is what makes the process exciting. I hope you enjoy my motives as much as I enjoy creating them! ”

Anna is the owner and designer behind swedish brand By Malevik. Already at a young age she knew that she would work with animals. From dreaming of becoming a chimpanzee caretaker or veterinary she studied biology and became a Zoophysiologist. After many years within as a researcher she decided to find new challenges. She started Maleviks Bildverkstad, which is the company behind By Malevik.

All products are produced in Sweden.